The heaven of Swedish Cusine!

Under the ceiling painting in the big beer hall 110 years of food memories are hovering. Meatballs, big as golf balls, Baltic herring, herring and cheesecake from Småland, calf’s liver, rhubarb pie and boiled knuckle of pork w. mashed swedes & three kinds of mustard. Here cream sauce, brown butter and egg-anchovy salad rule.

Here’s where the plain food is worshipped and served – all that food that has become a Swedish tradition by the years. But here you will also find renewal, dishes that twist and turn the expression plain food around. How about combining the herring with sushi?

And don’t forget that Pelikan has one different cultural places for plain food. The Big Hall with its high ceiling vaults and its arched window. Here’s where you start and finish your evening, a cubbyhole with a Scandinavian touch when it comes to design and cocktail glasses. Think of Swedish Punsch, lingonberry sprigs and Hallands fläder (a schnapps flavoured with elder).


A piece of plastic for culinary excursions, breathtaking tasting experiences and a great atmosphere.
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“A Wholesaler”
4 cl Eau-de-vie and lemonade
first course
hash consisting of anchovy, onions, hard-boiled eggs. roe, dill, parsley and chives
main course
Boiled knuckle of pork with mashed turnips and three kinds of mustard
beverage (included)
2 draft beer à 40 cl and 6 cl OP Andersson which is served in a bucket with crushed ice
Coffee with 4 cl liqueur and Pelikan’s chocolate truffle

999.-­ per person
Beverages without alcohol are available

In the beginning of the last century Pelikan was the last outpost in the southern part of the city before fields and meadows took over. Here you could make a badly needed stop in order to get a good piece of food and a quick dram before it was time to leave for home in the sunset.

Horse-drawn cabs were parked in line along Blekingegatan after having delivered their goods. Here hauliers and wholesalers gathered to round off the day in the best way possible. Rumours say that there were rooms for hire upstairs in case anyone had too much to drink.

Based on historical menus we present a priceworthy “Wholesaler’s dinner”, composed of all the traditional ingredients typical of that time. We at Pelikan can’t promise any accommodation but you can have more than one misty dram and a lot of home cooking.

The Big Hall (Stora Hallen)

Drop-in. Here you will meet our head waiter at the entrance. He or she will show you to the nicest free table available. The Big Hall has 135 seats at 45 tables. Furthermore there is a small bar with a capacity for 100 persons. News for this year: Now you can contact us in order to make bookings for a bigger lunch group and chose between sitting in the Big Hall or in our Linen room – or both! Read more here.